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Nature’s Generator Power Transfer Kit


The Power Transfer Kit connects Nature’s Generator directly to your indoor breaker panel so your portable solar powered generator can also function as a reliable back-up power source in an emergency situation.  Installing the Power Transfer Kit means you won’t have to dig around in the dark for cords, navigate your Nature’s Generator to the “right spot” or have to move big items (like a refrigerator) when the power  goes out.

Owners of the Portable Solar Panel Kit or individual Power Panel (100 watt solar panel) can use the Power Transfer Kit to kick their off-grid games up a notch by creating a hard-wired, solar battery back-up / renewable energy source for home, cabin or any other off-grid locale.  You can even daisy-chain Nature’s Generators and Power Panels to create your own solar powered battery bank and continually power devices and appliances without the need of traditional sources of electricity.

  • Product Features
  • Technical Details
  • What's Inside
    • Power Transfer Kit
    • Conduit, cable clamps and power cord
    • Owners/Installation Manual
    Common Circuits To Keep Backed Up
    • Refrigerators / Freezers
    • Common area lighting
    • Garage doors
    • Computers
    • Security Systems
    • Dimensions & Weight
      • Model: HKNGPTK
      • Dimensions: 8 x 4.75 x 13.25 in.
      • Weight out of box: 12 lbs
      • Operating temperature: 32-104 °F (0-40 °C)
      • Storage temperature: 23–111 °F (-5–45 °C)
      • User manual (click to download)
      • Supplemental manual (click to download)
      • 60 month manufacturer's warranty, see page 12 of User Manual
      • IMPORTANT NOTE: Installation of the Power Transfer Kit must be performed by a qualified electrician in compliance with all applicable codes and laws.

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    Having seen the havoc that fossil fuels wreak upon the environment, Nature's Generator set out to create a generator that could be used by anyone, anywhere, to power anything - and with that goal in mind they design state-of-the-art portable generators powered by the sun and wind.

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