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Nature’s Generator ELITE Power Transfer Kit


The Power Transfer Kit ELITE connects your 3600W Nature’s Generator ELITE directly to your indoor breaker panel so your portable solar powered generator can also function as a reliable back-up power source in an emergency situation.  Installing the Power Transfer Kit ELITE means you won’t have to dig around in the dark for cords, navigate your Nature’s Generator to the “right spot” or have to move big items (like a refrigerator) when the power  goes out.

Its pre-wired, 6-circuit, 30 Amp manual transfer switch is designed for fast installation (indoors) in a home, office or even an RV. Use the kit to enable the electrical system to accept the power of a portable solar generator to run up to six single-pole circuits and any pair of single-pole circuits can be used as a double-pole circuit.   The transfer kit keeps the generator power isolated from the utility power at all times.

Note: Circuit breakers are 1 in. interchangeable and can be changed to different sizes and brands that are compatible and within the maximum circuit size ratings.

Downloads for your electrician: Installation Instructions & Supplemental User Guide

  • Product Details
  • Product Specs
  • What's Inside
    • Power Transfer Kit
    • Conduit, cable clamps and power cord
    • Owners/Installation Manual
    Common Circuits To Keep Backed Up
    • Refrigerators / Freezers
    • Common area lighting
    • Garage doors
    • Computers
    • Security Systems
    • Details
      • Six circuit positions: 30A max on positions A and B, 20A max on all other positions (C-F)
      • Dual color-coded wattage meters to help balance the generator load and estimate overall power usage
      • For use with portable generators or inverters with a maximum output of 30 Amp at 125/250 VAC
      • Removable cover with circuit label adds protection and convenience and finishes off the overall look of the transfer switch
      • Listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
      • Contact a professional for installation!
      • Downloads: Installation Instructions & Supplemental User Guide

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