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Cub GO [Lithium Ion Power Supply]


Lion Energy's Cub GO is the smallest lithium ion power supply and solar power generator on the planet to feature a FULL SIZE three-prong standard AC wall outlet, along with a 12v outlet, three USB ports and a 1W LED flashlight.  

Cub GO's 12v lithium ion battery delivers 120Wh of on-the-go power when you need it and can be be drained completely, then re-charged, over 1,000 times!  Cub GO holds its charge for an entire year so you're never caught off guard.  Pair it with the 20w Portable Solar Panel (sold separately) to use the sun to recharge when you're off the grid.

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  • Product Details
  • Cub GO outputs
    • (1) AC plug
    • (1) Type C USB port
    • (1) 5V-2.4A USB port
    • (1) QC-3.0 USB port
    • (1) 12V-15A outlet
    Charge Times
      Inverter & Battery Specs
      • Output Power: 150W
      • Battery Capacity: 120Wh
      • Battery Type:  Lithium ion
      • Lifecycles: 1000+
      • Charge Retention: 1 Year
      • Strongest battery allowed on airplanes
      • Weight: 3 Pounds
      • Dimensions:  10.3 x 4.5 x 1.8 inches
      • Warranty - 1 Year

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    Lion Energy

    This American Fork, UT-based company is a leader in high-performing, renewable lithium ion battery solutions for preparedness, work and play.  Stay connected to family and friends when you disconnect from the grid, and get ready to take on the world with Lion Energy.

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