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Get an Open Box ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 for $350 off retail price!
Get an Open Box ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 for $350 off retail price!

Our Story

What matters most?  The answer is different for everyone. 

For us, what matters most is family and friends – their health and well-being.  Next would be happiness because – let’s face it – everything is harder when you’re not happy.  After that it’s about living with intentional focus on relationships, experiences and appreciating what we have, all while doing our best to ignore the noise that distracts us.

In our personal and professional lives we are enamored with exploring uncharted territory and our successes have been a byproduct of measured preparation, a willingness to learn and adapt, and by following our instincts. It’s the exhilaration of the journey and the bond shared among those with whom we experience it that gets us every time.  So late in 2019, when a simple question led to a phone call that re-converged our divergent paths, it was only a matter of time before it happened...

Tredless began as an idea about autonomy and self-sufficiency, and quickly morphed into an extension of our love of nature and adventure.  It’s gear, knowledge and inspiration created and curated by us, intended to help you explore and enjoy more outdoors.  Tredless is the solitude of a campfire, sleeping under the shooting stars and enjoying morning coffee in front of a panoramic mountain view.  It’s about taking nothing for granted and fearlessly moving forward with the peace of mind that comes when you are prepared to deal with anything.  Tredless is the essence of what inspired Whitman and Muir, Kerouac and Frost, and over time we hope it becomes a catalyst that inspires people to explore more of what matters.

We’re excited to see where this road takes us, and if the journey sounds exciting to you, we wouldn’t be surprised – because the truth “About Us” is that we’re really no different than you.  Join us as we embark on this adventure and continue to explore even more...