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Annihilate F3 "Assassin Fanatic" [Tactical Shovel]

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The Annihilate F3 "Assassin Fanatic" tactical shovel is one of the strongest, most durable multi-function survival tools tools on the planet. A patented design enables you to adjust the martensitic stainless steel blade with the push of a button so you can use it to chop through any fibrous material, hammer in tent stakes or hoe a row for your survival seeds.  Shorter and with a heavier blade than its cousin the F1 "Bad Kid" the Assassin Fanatic's segmented aluminum shaft inconspicuously hides essential tools including a tactical knife, harpoon, fire starter (flint), emergency whistle, bottle opener and camera mount.  Also comes with a wire saw and survival rope.

  • What's Inside
  • Product Details
  • The Annihilate F3 "Assassin Fanatic" tactical shovel includes
    • Shovel head
    • (5) shaft segments (the two extension segments are lighter grey)
    • Tactical Knife / Harpoon
    • Fire starter (magnesium rod)
    • Survival whistle
    • Wire Saw
    • Survival Rope
    • Bottle Opener
    • Camera mount
  • Product Specs
    • Shovel Material: Martensitic Stainless steel (HRC50-55)
    • Handle Material: Aviation aluminum alloy
    • Patented 6-position shift-key for easy angling of shovel head
    • Shovel head dimensions 7.9in x 5.7in
    • Assembled length: up to 35.4in
    • Weight: 3lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Very very good

I have one and I’ll buy another one

Great camping tool

Purchased for my 34 year old son as a birthday gift. He camps a lot. He was thoroughly impressed with the quality and multiple functions.

Useful and Fun

Bought it for an upcoming camping trip, have already used it to pull weeds, hack and saw some dead limbs off our corkscrew willow, shear off the bark, then show the kids how to make fire. Heavy duty AF. Love it.


This is amazing for how compact it is along with how sturdy it is this is a great multi tool shovel

A beast!

This too is a beast. I have beat it up chopping and splitting wood, digging holes and trenches and hammering. It keeps coming back for more. A little pricey but a great tool

Tredless Preferred Partner

Zune Lotoo

Straight outta Chengdu, we know of no other manufacturer in the world whose process outputs multi-functional tactical shovels and survival knives quite as beautiful, useful and durable as these.

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