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FREE SHIPPING to the continental USA
FREE SHIPPING to the continental USA
ReadyWise freeze dried food pouches for hiking and camping, and long term emergency survival food


Preparedness is a universal quality that helps you gain peace of mind and avoid negative outcomes.  When preparing to fuel your body for your next trek, long weekend or for longer periods when the sh*t hits the fan – the freeze-dried survival food kits from ReadyWise will help you meet nutritional needs.

Premium ingredients from the USA ensure great taste from this Salt Lake City-based manufacturer of freeze dried food pouches, emergency food kits and freeze dried food in bulk (via easy-to-stack buckets).  If you’re planning to explore the great outdoors, disappear off the grid or are prepping for TEOTWAWKI, ReadyWise has the fuel for your fun, your flight and your fight.  The they up to you.

Tredless is proud to partner with ReadyWise to help you be prepared and explore more.

Camper with ReadyWise freeze dried adventure mealSkier on ski lift eatingOpen pack of campfire chili macRock climber eating readywise meal