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FREE SHIPPING to the continental USA

JEEP® Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bikes by QuietKat

QuietKat is a Portable Electric All-Terrain Vehicle (PE-ATV) manufacturer based in Eagle, CO.  They make all-terrain vehicles that endure the challenges of the outdoors whether they be in hunting, ranching, agriculture, off-road or conservation and preservation practices - and that's how we stumbled across them.

The electric power utilized by QuietKat's e-bikes not only minimizes your carbon footprint but this "green power" also provides stealthy cover.  Their e-bikes minimize the time it takes to get from A to B, limit the noise created in getting there and diminish the amount of scent dispersed among the rider's environment.

We are excited to partner with QuietKat to offer you access to the JEEP® Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike - a full suspension electric mountain bike designed for exploration that is every bit the high-performing electric off-road bike its been amped up to be.